What We Learned From Sales Training & Why It Matters To You


For two full days our owner, Ross, and two employees attended an HVAC Expo provided by our Amana distributor, Dakota Supply Group. The employees, Scott and Ryan (me), attended the Intensive Sales Training to learn effective and beneficial ways to interact with our customers and educate them on the services and equipment we provide.

Now if some of you got turned off by the word sales don’t worry, Scott and I were too. The purpose of this training wasn’t to turn us into money hungry, ruthless sharks only in your home to devour your money. No, it was to help us build the confidence and skills to better serve you and all of our customers.

Over the past few months we’ve realized we have not done our best in communicating and educating our customers on all the ways we can serve them. Sure we updated the website and post on Facebook, but our relationship with you is more than just words on a screen.

I’m guessing that you probably have not had another company offer this information freely, but I wanted to give you just a few highlights of what Scott and I learned in this training. The reason; we value the relationship we have with you and the trust you place in us.

Features & Benefits

Features are things, whether services or equipment, that we offer customers. Benefits are what you, the customer, experience from those services and equipment. Throughout the training we realized that we focus often on the features we offer, but have failed to thoroughly explain the benefits to you.

Starting immediately we will begin changing how we communicate our features and benefits. We’re proud of the services and equipment we offer, but realize it’s pointless to share these details without clearly explaining how they will benefit you.


Hopefully what you’ve read this far has shown you that we are going to be more transparent with you. Not only will we continue to educate you on things like smart thermostats, media filters, and some of the crazy jargon we use but also we’ll provide more details on how we do business. For example, if you’re considering us for a new furnace we will tell you everything we’ll be doing from the moment you sign the agreement until the day you receive your warranty information.

Increasing Value

As we continue to improve as a company we will continue to improve our Signature Club Membership. While it’s only a few months old, we’ve had several customers sign up and voice how pleased they are with our service.

Signature Club members will continue to receive special perks and important info and specials that may not be available to the general public. We believe we’ll receive honest feedback from our members and that they trust us to care of them.

While you can become a member at anytime, all customers receive one year of membership when they purchase new heating or air conditioning equipment from us.

We hope you’re just a little bit as excited as we are to implement some of these changes. We hope you’ll let us know what you think and provide critique when needed.