Let’s Clear The Air Up

clear up the air

At some point, you’ve probably had to go down into your basement and change the filter for your furnace. And most likely it’s probably been more than a month since the last time you did this, which is the max life expectancy for a typical one-inch (thick) filter.

Wait too long to change your filter & you could cause your furnace to seize up.

Let’s face it, in the midst of all we do the last thing we want to add to the list is replacing our furnace’s air filter. But neglecting this 30 second change, could cause more serious issues both in the present and down the road.

But then there’s the air quality issue as well. The standard one inch filter is the minimum requirement for your furnace. It’s entry level. It catches the bigger amounts of dust, debris, and other things floating in your air, but there’s a lot of microscopic material that slips right through.

Pretty much anyone you speak to who has knowledge of indoor air quality will tell you that it’s significantly worse than the air quality outside of your home. Most homes do not have system dedicated to ventilating fresh air into their homes, and if you live in an area with four well defined season there could be 6-8 months where it’s just too cold to be opening your windows for fresh air.

So what do we do then? How do we avoid all the hassle that comes with changing, or neglecting to change, our furnace’s air filter?

The Media Filter

A media filter is the answer to all that we’ve just talked about. It’s not your knight in shining armor but it’s benefits do justify the investment in having one installed in your home.

Change Filters Less Frequently

Media filters are not another standard one-inch filter, in fact they’re four times as thick, coming in at 4 inches. Thicker, better filtering material, and more surface area means it takes a lot longer for them to need to be replaced. How often you may ask? How about 2-3 times per year? I think we all could muster up the strength to visit our furnace and change the filter a few times a year as opposed to doing it monthly.

Improved Air Quality

As we just said, a media filter is thicker and is made up of materials that are much better at catching the smaller airborne irritants that circulate your home. Dust and pet hair are two big culprits and a media filter will capture these with ease. In fact media filters can be 85% more efficient than the standard one-inch filter.

Less Maintenance

Media filters have no moving or electrical parts. This means that maintenance, outside of changing the filter, is practically non-existent. In fact they require no more maintenance than a one-inch filter would.

If you are interested in learning more about media filters and the benefit they can add to your home you can call or email us. You can also see more details here.

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furnace-filter-reminderYou can set up a recurring reminder to change your furnace filter right on your phone. Here’s a screenshot of it set up on an Android phone.