duct cleaning--machineOur duct cleaning service uses a patented HEPA-AIRE portable power vacuum and AIRE-SWEEP compressor. This equipment enables our technicians to reach and thoroughly clean your entire duct system with minimal noise and disruption.

We highly recommend this service because of benefits it has to your health. You, if you’re like most homeowners, spend over 50% of your time in your home and if your home is like most others the air quality is significantly lower than that of the air outside. And poor air quality can trigger a whole bunch of respiratory issues as well as headaches.

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Before & After

Here is just one example of what builds up in your duct system over time (before) and what it looks like after our duct cleaning.

DUCT CLEANING before&after

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Whether you just moved into your home or you’ve been in the same one for years, if you can’t remember having your duct system cleaned give us a call so we can stop by and see if your system needs it.

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