Your dryer vent is responsible for venting out the very hot air that is created while the dryer is running. While dryers do have a filter that works to capture the lint and dust that comes into the dryer, it doesn’t get it all, and over time, it builds up inside the dryer vent.

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Go too long without getting it cleaned and not only are you making your dryer work hard (higher energy cost), you’re also flirting with a potential fire hazard in your home.

While there are several do it yourself kits available at retail and hardware stores, it’s not something we recommend. Dryer vent cleanings need to be complete and thorough and if you’re doing it yourself, maybe for the first time, what guarantees do you have that you’ve done everything a professional would?

Does My Dryer Vent Need to be Cleaned?

We suggest that you clean your dryer vent every year but here are a few warning signs that it’s probably time to clean yours regardless of how long it’s been since it’s last cleaning. (List generated by ABC Action News)

  • Clothing does not dry completely after a normal drying cycle.
  • Drying time for clothing takes longer than 35 to 40 minutes in duration.
  • A musty odor is noticed in the clothing following the drying cycle.
  • Clothing seems unusually hot to the touch after a complete drying cycle.
  • The dryer vent hood flap does not properly open as it is designed to do during the operation of the dryer.
  • Debris is noticed within the outside dryer vent opening.
  • Excessive heat is noticed within the room in which the dryer is being operated.
  • Large amounts of lint accumulate in the lint trap for the dryer during operation.
  • A visible sign of lint and debris is noticed around the lint filter for the dryer.
  • Excessive odor is noticed from dryer sheets that are used during the drying cycle.

If you have questions about your dryer vent and whether it needs to be cleaned contact us. We will gladly answer questions and even set up a time to examine your dryer vent (at no cost or obligation to you) to see if a cleaning is needed.

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