zoningThe combination of saving money and being able to control the comfort in specific areas of your home may sound too good to be true, but it’s not an unrealistic idea. Zoning your home makes this possible.

By installing dampers that are controlled by an additional thermostat you can choose how your system heats and cools different areas of your home.

warm-air-risesHere’s an example to think about. In the winter, when the furnace is running on a set schedule, is the first floor or second-floor warmer? Heat rises, so generally speaking, the second floor would be warmer because the heat from the first floor wants to go up and the cooler air from the second floor wants to go down.

And the opposite would be true in the summer when your air conditioner is running. The second floor would be warmer than the first because the cooler air wants to go down and the warmer air wants to go up. By zoning your home and having thermostats in different areas you can set the temperature appropriately based on the two scenarios we just described.

In the winter you can keep your thermostat on the second floor set at a lower temperature because it will usually be warmer than your set temperature thanks to the rising warm air from the first floor.

Behind the scenes, this means your furnace isn’t working as hard to heat the whole house, rather just the first floor because it cools quicker. This means your furnace runs less often and at a lower intensity which results in less energy being used and you save money.

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