Our Ultimate Tune & Clean is a complete & thorough cleaning, tuning, and diagnosing of your heating or cooling equipment. Having this service performed on your equipment annually is the best way to give yourself the the assurance that your equipment is running safe, efficiently, and reliably.

And on top of that, most manufacturer warranties become void if regular maintenance, by a professional, isn’t performed regularly.

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While our Ultimate Tune & Clean probably is not be the cheapest maintenance service available, it will be the most complete and thorough. And if you want to make your dollars work even harder for you we recommend becoming a Signature Club member where our Ultimate Tune & Clean is included in the membership along side a whole bunch of other perks.

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Below is a breakdown of some of the specific things we  check and clean on a typical gas furnace and air conditioner.

Check and clean (if needed) the following:

Intake PVC Pipe
Exhaust Pipe
Flame Sensor
Pressure Switches
Blower Motor
Fan Wheel
Condensate Hoses
Condensate Trap
Air filter (additional cost to replace)

We’ll also check & verify proper functioning of:

Return Air Temperature
Supply Air Temperature
Gas Pressure at Manifold
Thermostat Operation
Low Voltage Wiring & Connections


Check and Clean (if needed) the following:

Condensor Coil
Blower Motor
Evaporator Coil
Coil Drain Fitting
Drain Hose

We’ll also check & verify proper functioning of:

Condensor Fan Motor
Electrical Connections
Low Pressure
High Pressure

If you’re wondering if your heating or air conditioning equipment needs to be cleaned and tuned or perhaps you can’t remember the last time they were cleaned please contact us to schedule this important maintenance. And remember, our Ultimate Tune & Clean is an included benefit for our Signature Club members.

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