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In a similar way that a catalytic converter on a car removes harmful microscopic pollutants from your car’s exhaust, a UV light air purifier can offer extreme cleaning of your air.

Whether we realize it or not we have millions of tiny pollutants roaming our home that come not only from dust, mold, and bacteria, but they can also come from carpet, wood floors, even laundry detergent. Normally these things wouldn’t be an issue but when they are continually circulated from your home (where you spend approximately 60% of your time) they can become a real nuisance to your health.

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A UV light not only neutralizes these items it can also remove something your filter cannot: ODORS! Smells can linger in a home (ever had a group of 11-year old boys over) long after the source has left.

A UV light air purifier is a great investment for any home. No matter the size of your home or the type of furnace you own it will complement any system.

We suggest two manufacturers when considering a UV light air purifier;

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