Is bigger always better? Probably not in all instances, but when it comes to your furnace’s air filter we believe it does. Typically most furnaces have a furnace that is one-inch thick. These filters do an adequate job of filtering out bigger pieces of dust and other things floating in the air.

But they get dirty really quickly. Which usually means every month you need to replace it.

honeywell media filterHoneywell Media Filter

Enter the media filter. We recommend the Honeywell brand and installing one of these in your home offers:

  • Up to 85% more efficient than the standard one-inch filter
  • Less frequent replacement of the filter (usually only 2-3 times per year rather than monthly)
  • Low maintenance–no moving or electrical parts to worry about failing later on down the road

To learn more about the media filter and see if this accessory is right for your home contact us below.

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