Is Your Furnace Reliable? 3 Questions You Need To Answer As Winter Approaches

Is-Your-Furnace-ReliableLet’s face it, as a homeowner we all mull over this decision at some point in our lives. The impending reality that we’re going to need to invest money in a new furnace.

It’s not that you hate your current furnace or that you’ve seen a nice shiny new one running like you see that new car you’ve been wanting.

It’s that reality of spending money on a furnace that’s going to live it’s life hidden in your basement like the current one has. Spending money on something we don’t physically see is really hard.

Kind of like getting new brakes on your car. You never see them but once they’re replaced you have a new peace of mind knowing your car will stop quickly when you need it to.

But what if you’re thinking, “Just one more winter. If I can get through just one more winter with this furnace I promise myself I’ll get a new one next year.”

This is a thought we all have. And one that should be considered as we approach the uncertain but most likely frigid Wisconsin winter. Here are 3 questions to help you decide whether you’re really ready to trust your furnace this winter.

1. How old is your furnace? Furnaces are a lot like automobiles in regards to life expectancy. It’s not uncommon for a furnace to last 12-15 years. But once your furnace gets this old it is no longer a matter of IF but WHEN it’s going to wear out, breakdown, or fail.

Plan on really considering whether or not you want to spend hundreds of dollars to repair a furnace this old. The cost of a furnace that is $3,000 or more can be overwhelming, but know that there are always financing options available.

2. How much are you willing to spend on a repair? When your furnace quits working it’s often at the worst time. And if it happens on a week night or weekend most times the repair cost will cost you 1.5x-2x as much. So when that hot surface ignitor switch breaks or the inducer motor fails you could be looking at a $300-$700 repair bill.

3. How much do you budget for your utility bill? Furnaces, just like cars, have significantly increased their fuel efficiency over the last ten years. 80% efficiency use to be the standard for a residential furnace. Today, the starting point for most furnace manufacturers is 92% efficiency. Bottom line, an older furnace costs more to run.

So what did you decide? Are you going to keep it or replace it? Either way here’s a suggestion for each option.

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