Getting the Equipment You Need Even When You Don’t Know How You’ll Afford It


In today’s consumer world, we are bombarded with countless opportunities to buy things we currently could not pay cash for.

Credit cards, jewelry, furniture, and especially automobiles all come with options to pay for them over time. But these are, for the most part, things we want. We don’t usually think twice about signing up for a credit card with 0% interest or taking advantage of no payments for 12 months when purchasing that new living room furniture.

But what happens when you need something for your home and you can’t afford it. What happens when the old furnace, the one that came with the home you bought 10 years ago, breaks down and will cost almost as much to repair as purchasing a new one?

Most people we speak to believe that if they want to purchase new equipment they have to have all the money, usually thousands of dollars, available immediately.

There Are Options For Everyone

That simply is not true. All of our customers, no matter their circumstance, can apply for financing to help spread out the cost of new equipment. And in addition to paying over time some of these payment options come 0% APR.

For example, a customer purchasing a Signature Series 92% efficiency (80,000 BTU) furnace could pay less than $90/month over 36 months.

That number seems a little more realistic, doesn’t it? And while we only offer financing for furnace or air conditioner purchases you can take advantage of bundling additional add-ons into your financing options.

Have a child with asthma or just want a whole house purifier? Add a 2nd Wind UV-light.

Considering zoning your home so you can have independent control of certain parts of your home? That can be bundled with the furnace.

Or if you are in an emergency, and money is tight you can finance just a new furnace.

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Find Out if You’re Eligible Right From Home

Financing is simple, safe, and quick. You can even apply for it from the comfort of your home before any quotes are given or contracts are signed. This gives you the benefit of having all the important numbers in front of you at once; how much you can afford, how much you’ve been approved for, and how much the equipment and installation will cost.

We know investing in new equipment for your home can be overwhelming. We want to help you make the best decision for your family and home.

If you have questions, whether it be on financing, or about our heating and cooling equipment, please call us at (262) 728-1655 or send us an email.