An Interactive View of Your Home’s Air Quality

Your Home's IAQ

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has put a lot of time and research into figuring out how Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) effects our health. With some studies showing people spending well over 60% of their time inside their home, the air quality should be important to all of us, not just the EPA.

As we explored the website, we came across a very interactive and informative program that shows some of the areas, common to most homes, that may be diminishing your home’s IAQ. Instead of reinventing the wheel and because we love finding good information to share with you. Read more

What We Learned From Sales Training & Why It Matters To You


For two full days our owner, Ross, and two employees attended an HVAC Expo provided by our Amana distributor, Dakota Supply Group. The employees, Scott and Ryan (me), attended the Intensive Sales Training to learn effective and beneficial ways to interact with our customers and educate them on the services and equipment we provide.

Now if some of you got turned off by the word sales don’t worry, Scott and I were too. The purpose of this training wasn’t to turn us into money hungry, ruthless sharks only in your home to devour your money. No, it was to help us build the confidence and skills to better serve you and all of our customers.

Over the past few months we’ve realized we have not done our best in communicating and educating our customers on all the ways we can serve them. Sure we updated the website and post on Facebook, but our relationship with you is more than just words on a screen. Read more

Say What?? Understanding How Your Equipment Works

SAY WHAT-part two-blog post

Here is the second installment of Say What??. If you haven’t read the first installment you can get caught up here.

Most homeowners know the importance of having a well running furnace and air conditioner however, many can become overwhelmed when a technician starts throwing out complex, industry specific, terms and acronyms. The following are few you may hear and will hopefully give you confidence the next time you’re talking to your favorite HVAC technician. Read more

New Tech, Better Service, Greater Experience

new tech-better service-greater-experience

Over the last few months we have slowly begun to implement some new ways of running our day-to-day business, specifically in how we detail and report the work we do. If we’ve been in your home you’ve probably seen us entering information into a tablet and even using it as we communicate with you.

We want to be more efficient in our work and communication with you and we believe implementing the use of these tablets, as well as the powerful software we’re using will provide a better experience for you as our customer. We still value our relationship with you and we believe that automating some of the things we do, like writing notes, and drafting complete work orders and invoices will allow us to do more of what we do best… Read more

Let’s Clear The Air Up

clear up the air

At some point, you’ve probably had to go down into your basement and change the filter for your furnace. And most likely it’s probably been more than a month since the last time you did this, which is the max life expectancy for a typical one-inch (thick) filter. Read more