15 House Plants for Improving Indoor Air Quality

house-plants-improve-indoor-air-qualityGoing outside doesn’t have much appeal when there’s a minus sign in the temperature. And that definitely means opening the windows for fresh air is out of the question. Unfortunately when we stay indoors, especially during the winter, we are often subjecting ourselves to poor air quality.

But there are some things we can do to improve the air quality of our homes. House plants are a great, affordable option to help significantly improve the air quality of your home.

We could list out in detail all the specifics of which ones you should choose and why, but we didn’t think that was necessary when there are already plenty of good resources out there explaining the benefits of house plants.

Our friends over at Mother Nature Network have put together a list of 15 house plants that will help you keep your air fresh this winter.

See which house plants are best for your home.

Take a look at their suggestions and let us know what you think.