No More Excuses! 3 Ways to Avoid Forgetting to Change Your Filter Ever Again

We’ve been talking a lot about air quality since we started this blog and more specifically we’ve mentioned several times the importance of changing your furnace’s filter regularly.

But as we’ve done this a majority of homeowners have said they don’t change their filter regularly. Usually they tell us one of three things;

  • I’m too busy
  • I don’t want to spend the money on a filter
  • I don’t really think it matters if my filter is replaced regularly

We’re going to ignore those of you who think there are not any negative side effects to changing your filter  and focus on those of you with time and money issues (wait, isn’t that most of us).

Here are three quick ways you can help yourself take care of this task.

Set a Reminder

Email, text, or even on a smartphone, there are multiple ways to set up a recurring reminder so you are notified automatically about changing your filter. iPhone and Android smartphones are probably the simplest way to do this. Simply tell Siri or OK Google to “set a reminder to change my furnace filter” and you’ll be taken to a screen to verify what you said, make any edits (like spelling mistakes), and set how often you’d like to be reminded.

Need help doing this? Give Ryan a call and he’ll walk you through it.

Filters Through the Mail

You could also explore the multiple companies that will ship filters right to your front door. Seeing this box show up should be a nice visual reminder that you need to check out your furnace and replace the filter.

Note: Not all filters may be available through a service like this and you may pay a premium to have them shipped to you depending on how often they’re being delivered.

Let Us Remind You

We’re so crazy about making sure your furnace is running efficiently and safely that we’ll remind you ourselves. Here’s what we need to know;

  • What size filter you currently have?
  • How do you want to be reminded? Call, text or email?

Some of you have filters that need to be changed monthly, others may only need to change their filter 2-3 times per year. Either way we’ll make sure you’re reminded on the 1st of the month. Call or email us and we’ll get you all set up.

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