New Tech, Better Service, Greater Experience

new tech-better service-greater-experience

Over the last few months we have slowly begun to implement some new ways of running our day-to-day business, specifically in how we detail and report the work we do. If we’ve been in your home you’ve probably seen us entering information into a tablet and even using it as we communicate with you.

We want to be more efficient in our work and communication with you and we believe implementing the use of these tablets, as well as the powerful software we’re using will provide a better experience for you as our customer. We still value our relationship with you and we believe that automating some of the things we do, like writing notes, and drafting complete work orders and invoices will allow us to do more of what we do best…

…helping homeowners relax, live life, and focus on what matters most.


The program we’re using is called Coolfront. You may hear us mention it when we’re talking with you. This program not only lets us document all the repairs or services we believe are needed but it puts you, the customer, in charge of whether that work is completed.

customer-approvalAs you can see in the image on the right, all repairs will require your approval and signature while we’re at your home. Even if you decline a specific service Coolfront will note that and you will be able to see it in the final copy of your work order.

The days of writing things down on carbon copy forms and bringing credit card information back to the office is over. We know that technology, specifically technology that fits in the palm of your hand, is a part of our everyday lives. We don’t believe there is a reason not to embrace this technology which can help us serve you better.

Signature Club Members

If you’re a Signature Club member you will also notice that we’re using some new programs to better serve you. One takes on the responsibility of tracking when maintenance needs to be completed on your system as well as reminding you to schedule this maintenance with us. With the number of Signature Club members growing quickly, we wanted to find an efficient way of tracking and communicating when maintenance was needed.

So when it comes time for maintenance, usually April or May for air conditioners and October or November for furnaces, be on the look out for a phone call or email reminding you about the Ultimate Tune & Clean your system needs.

We’ll continue to innovate and improve on the way we do business. We want to make the time and effort you spend on maintaining your equipment minimal. We believe this new technology will enable us help you do that.

Just Push Pay

In the near future we will begin processing credit card payments on site, right at your home with our tablets using a program called Just Push Pay. If you’re a month-to-month Signature Club member you probably have already heard of Just Push Pay because they email you each month when you’re payment is processed.

Just Push Pay also offers financing for  those bigger purchases. We’ve had customers in the past who are overwhelmed by the unplanned expense of needing to purchase a new furnace. Now, with Just Push Pay, you can apply for financing right on our tablets.

If we do visit your home, we’d love to hear what you think about your interactions with our technicians and tablets as we service your equipment.

If you have additional questions please give us a call or email us.

Phone: (262) 728-1655