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Let’s Talk About Air Conditioner Maintenance

There is a variety of options when it comes to air conditioner maintenance and almost almost every heating and cooling company has it’s own name for it. But what’s included in an annual cleaning (sometimes called preventative maintenance)?

The following are the most important parts of your system that air condition your home and should be inspected and cleaned every year, ideally before you start using it regularly.


There are two coils working when your air conditioner is running. The condenser coil is part of the unit outside your home. This coil should be inspected and chemically cleaned. The other coil, known as the evaporative coil, is on top of your furnace and should be checked and cleaned.


Refrigerant levels should be checked as well. This is crucial to ensuring your system is running efficiently. Be aware, however, if levels are low, and refrigerant needs to be added this will be a cost in addition to the cleaning service.


This is the most important part of cooling your home. There usually is a specific warranty that manufacturers provide on the compressor. Technicians should be checking the integrity of this part of your air conditioner to ensure it’s in good condition.


If your condenser motor or blower motor require it, they should get lubricated to ensure there isn’t unnecessary wear happening which could result in a costly repair in the future.

Electrical Connections

Electricity is essential for cooling equipment to run and communicate properly with other parts of your system (e.g. your thermostat). Connections should be tested and checked to see if any have become loose.


Your thermostat should be inspected that is working properly seeing it is the conductor of your entire system. Batteries, if the thermostat has them, should be checked as well.

Air Filter

Nothing causes problems for a heating and air conditioning system quicker than a dirty filter. If you haven’t changed it in a while make sure the technician does. They should even have a replacement in their vehicle.

Condensate Drain

Condensation is created inside your evaporative coil whenever your system is cooling your home. Flushing out and cleaning your condensate line (a hose going from your furnace to a floor drain) makes sure it doesn’t get plugged and prevents water from leaking somewhere it shouldn’t.

If you’d like to find out if your air conditioning equipment needs to be cleaned and inspected give us a call or email us. You also can take a look at our Signature Club which includes annual cleaning and inspection of both your furnace and air conditioner.

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