3 reasons homeowners need to consider a duct cleaning

3 Reasons Why Your Ductwork Needs To Be Cleaned

3 reasons homeowners need a duct cleaning

Ductwork hides out of site, but has the vital task of carrying air between the rooms of your home and your HVAC system. A ductwork cleaning can help protect your home – but only in specific circumstances. Let’s take a look at what ductwork cleaning really does, and if it’s right for you.

What Does a Duct Cleaning Accomplish?

Let’s start off by saying that not all duct cleaning services are equal. As we’ve discussed before, scammers will often promise amazingly thorough and absolutely necessary duct cleanings that don’t really do much, or aren’t even necessary in the first place. But a truly professional duct cleaning project, including the right tools and approach, will be able to: Read more

reduce allergens in your home with indoor air quality solutions from air systems

How to Reduce Allergens In Your Home

reducing indoor allergens with indoor air quality products

Spring brings rain, warmer weather, and increased Kleenex usage.

While we’re all fans of consistently warmer weather a lot of us struggle with allergies that flare up during this time of year. Thankfully there are a variety of medicines to alleviate some of the pains and annoyances that come from allergies.

But what else can we do to help keep allergens away, specifically in our homes? Luckily there are a lot of things we can do many of which only require a little bit of time. Read more

5 Reasons You Need A Whole House Humidifier

Has anyone ever told you, you can never have too much of a good thing?

My guess is that person wasn’t really thinking about humidity when they said it. While we absolutely hate it in abundance (think high 80s and sticky) it’ something we long for in the middle of the cold, dry winter (think 15 degrees, dry nose, cracked skin).

While we are at the mercy of the weather outside we can take control of the humidity and comfort inside our homes.

The following are a handful of ways you can expect a humidifier to help you keep your home more comfortable. Read more

4 (formerly 3) Reasons Why We Love ecobee (and you will too, especially if you’re using an iPhone)

ecobee 4 reasons-blog

UPDATED: July 2015

To see how ecobee is now compatible with Apple HomeKit scroll to down to number 4.


Back in the fall of 2014 we wrote about the benefits of having a wifi thermostat in your home. We believed the ability to program your system along with benefit of having access to it through any Internet device were affordable features every homeowner should have.

As we voiced the benefits of wifi thermostats to customers and homeowners we began to ask ourselves this question:

What is the best thermostat available to homeowners?

There’s a variety of options available from several different companies. Thermostats have even begun to fall under the consumer electronics category as they show up in stores like Best Buy, Apple stores, and even on Amazon.

We began to do our homework, talk with vendors, other businesses in the heating and cooling industry, and even the companies who manufacture these thermostats.

After spending the first part of 2015 trying to assess which thermostat was the best option for homeowners we came to, what we think is, a winner. Read more

Read This Before You Pay for a Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning has been up for a debate for quite some time. Is it really money well spent or is it a hoax that companies use to get easy money in their pocket?

If you look through your local newspaper, or even on Groupon you may see companies offering coupons or specials on duct cleaning for less than $50. Sounds like a pretty good deal, especially when that $50 is 50%, 65% or even 85% off the regular price.

Unfortunately, more times than not, the old saying, if it’s too good to be true than it probably is, is wisdom to live by. Read more