Product Registration For All Major Furnace Manufacturers


Product registration is a big deal for manufacturers because it gives them a better idea of who’s using their product, how it performs when used by a consumer, and gives a direct line of communication to the consumer using their product.

Many manufacturers will even include perks or bonuses for registering your product.

Furnace manufacturers are the same. It is extremely helpful for them when homeowners register their new equipment.

Many manufacturers will even extend certain parts of the standard warranty (sometimes called, out-of-the-box warranty) upon completion of registering your equipment. For example, Amana doubles the parts warranty from 5 to 10 years on select equipment we install.

Now the idea of registering your new furnace or air conditioner may be overwhelming, but we’d like to make it a little simpler for you. (We complete all of this for homeowners who have new furnaces or air conditioners installed by us)

Below, is a list of all the major furnace manufacturers’  and a direct link to the product registration found on their website. Read more

When It’s Bitter Cold Do These 3 Things For Your Furnace


Winter in the Midwest, specifically the bitter cold, is almost always a question when not if.

We know it’s coming at some point from November-March each winter, and often we take extra precautions to prepare ourselves for it.

Ever been to the grocery store hours before a snowstorm or extreme cold temperatures are about to hit?

Pure chaos.

We don’t mess around when it comes to our safety, comfort, and the scary reality of having to step outside our homes in nasty weather.

But what about your furnace? When the bitter cold rolls in you’re certainly expecting it to keep your home warm. But is there anything extra you should be doing to make sure it keeps doing it’s job?

Let’s explore 3 things you can do to make sure your furnace runs safely and reliably when winter is at it’s worse. Read more

Save Hundreds on Your Energy Bill By Doing This One Thing

In the colder months there’s money to be saved on your energy bill by lowering the temperature of your home while you sleep. Keeping your home 5-10 degrees colder for 8 hours a day (while you’re sleeping) can result in big savings for you.22

Set a daily reminder on your phone to do this before you go to bed or install a setback thermostat (programmable).

To give you an example, we keep our office set at 70 degrees from 6:00 AM–5:00 PM and lower it to 55 degrees from 5:00 PM–6:00 AM while no one is in the office.

Want to maximize your savings? Get a wifi enabled, motion detecting ecobee thermostat

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5 Reasons You Need A Whole House Humidifier

Has anyone ever told you, you can never have too much of a good thing?

My guess is that person wasn’t really thinking about humidity when they said it. While we absolutely hate it in abundance (think high 80s and sticky) it’ something we long for in the middle of the cold, dry winter (think 15 degrees, dry nose, cracked skin).

While we are at the mercy of the weather outside we can take control of the humidity and comfort inside our homes.

The following are a handful of ways you can expect a humidifier to help you keep your home more comfortable. Read more

3 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your New Furnace

It’s probably a bittersweet feeling when you purchase that new furnace or air conditioner. You’re excited to have a new unit that will be reliable and should save you money on your utility bill.

On the other hand it seems hard to justify investing thousands of dollars in an appliance that will spend it’s life sitting in your basement or outside exposed to the harsh weather.

Investing in a furnace isn’t as sexy as a new car. But at some point it’s a necessary investment for almost everybody. Here are three, actionable steps you can take to make sure you’re getting the most out of your unit. These don’t require any big financial investments, but, if acted upon, are sure to keep your unit running efficiently, running strong, and running for a long time. Read more