5 reasons for humidifier

5 Reasons You Need A Whole House Humidifier

Has anyone ever told you, you can never have too much of a good thing?

My guess is that person wasn’t really thinking about humidity when they said it. While we absolutely hate it in abundance (think high 80s and sticky) it’ something we long for in the middle of the cold, dry winter (think 15 degrees, dry nose, cracked skin).

While we are at the mercy of the weather outside we can take control of the humidity and comfort inside our homes.

The following are a handful of ways you can expect a humidifier to help you keep your home more comfortable.

Prevent and Treat Illness

Proper humidity can help combat the common cold and flu symptoms we all become susceptible to during the winter months.

Protect Your Wood Furnishings

If you have wood floors, antique furnishings, or even a beautiful old dining room table, they’re all depending on proper humidity levels to maintain the condition they’re in. Low humidity levels can cause these to dry out and even split.

Create Warmth

It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity is one of those sayings that’s absolutely true. Humidity plays a big part in how warm it actually feels as opposed to what the actual temperature is.

This is undesirable in the hot summer, but in the winter it is a great ally. Not only can proper humidity in your home make you feel warmer, it can help your furnace use less energy.

A home with proper humidity and set at 68 degrees will feel like a home that’s set at 70 degrees.

Physical Comfort

Proper humidity can also reduce snoring, keep your skin from feeling overly dry, preserve your voice, and keep your throat from feeling dry and scratchy.

Static Electricity

Static electricity is much more prevalent when the air is too dry. For the most part that is why we experience static shock and hair that stands on end in the colder, dryer winter months.

Proper humidity eliminates this nuisance from your home.

If you’re ready to end the discomfort and nuisances dry air brings to your home then you’re ready for a whole house humidifier.

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