WARNING: It’s Not The Heat, It’s The Humidity


With the exception of having annual maintenance performed on your air conditioner, this is the best advice we can offer you this sumer as you find a balance between turning on your air conditioning and opening windows.

We all have a breaking point with the summer heat when we finally breakdown and turn the air conditioning on. Before that happens you may use solutions like fans, opening the windows, or standing with your face in the freezer.

But once you start using the air conditioning regularly you have to remember this one important tip. This tip is crucial because it will keep your system from running all the time and will result in saving you lots of money. Read more

May Special: Air Conditioner Maintenance & Inspection

Ultimate Tune & Clean

For the month of May get your air conditioner tuned & cleaned for only $127!

Unfortunately, 70 degree days usually don’t come consistently to Southeastern Wisconsin until May or (heaven forbid) June every year. We look forward to the warmer temperatures because that means we can perform our Ultimate Tune & Clean on homeowners’ air conditioners.

And to encourage you to get this important maintenance completed we’re offering 25% off our Ultimate Tune & Clean.

For May only you can get it for $127 (over $40 off).

Hurry, the month goes fast. Call our office (262) 728-1655 or email Ryan to schedule an appointment.

BONUS: Get an Ultimate Tune & Clean for your furnace for only $99 when you purchase one for your air conditioner…


…you’ll automatically be enrolled in our Signature Club Membership for the next 12 months.

We don’t think it can get much sweeter than that. Well, perhaps warm, freshly baked chocolate-chip cookies would do the trick but let’s take things one step at a time.

Why Mom Was Right About Going to the Doctor


When I was a little kid my mom would routinely take me to see the doctor for my yearly checkup. No matter what had happened over the past 365 days I knew that I’d have to go in, let some doctor stick his light in my nose and ears and make me say ahhhhh.

As a teenager I began to wonder why I needed to see a doctor when I hadn’t been sick nor sustained any big injuries in the past year. What a waste of money I would think to myself. Hey, at least mom and dad’s insurance was paying for it, right?

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