WARNING: It’s Not The Heat, It’s The Humidity


With the exception of having annual maintenance performed on your air conditioner, this is the best advice we can offer you this sumer as you find a balance between turning on your air conditioning and opening windows.

We all have a breaking point with the summer heat when we finally breakdown and turn the air conditioning on. Before that happens you may use solutions like fans, opening the windows, or standing with your face in the freezer.

But once you start using the air conditioning regularly you have to remember this one important tip. This tip is crucial because it will keep your system from running all the time and will result in saving you lots of money. Read more

NOW or LATER? When to Spend & When to Save


Deciding whether to purchase new heating and air conditioning equipment now or later , where to purchase it, and how much to spend are regular questions homeowners ponder regularly. And through these questions we’ve been hearing a common theme lately from customers, both returning and new.

This common theme is cost. Customers want to know, sometimes right off the bat, what the numbers are. Read more

New Water Heater Regulations

In April 2015 new regulations went into effect on water heaters. While the goal of these new regulations is to make water heaters more energy efficient a by product of this goal has caused water heaters to grow in size.

Now manufacturers are making bigger waters heaters that still hold the same amount of water. The change in dimensions isn’t ridiculously different, about 2-3 inches wider and taller for tanks holding less than 55 gallons, but big enough that replacing older water heaters that are in tight fitting spaces could tricky.

Here’s a brief video from AO Smith explaining these new regulations and how they impact homeowners. Read more

Let’s Talk About Air Conditioner Maintenance

There is a variety of options when it comes to air conditioner maintenance and almost almost every heating and cooling company has it’s own name for it. But what’s included in an annual cleaning (sometimes called preventative maintenance)?

The following are the most important parts of your system that air condition your home and should be inspected and cleaned every year, ideally before you start using it regularly. Read more

Read This Before You Pay for a Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning has been up for a debate for quite some time. Is it really money well spent or is it a hoax that companies use to get easy money in their pocket?

If you look through your local newspaper, or even on Groupon you may see companies offering coupons or specials on duct cleaning for less than $50. Sounds like a pretty good deal, especially when that $50 is 50%, 65% or even 85% off the regular price.

Unfortunately, more times than not, the old saying, if it’s too good to be true than it probably is, is wisdom to live by. Read more